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Titan is a designer and producer of a wide range of garden machinery. Our gas powered chainsaws, brush cutters, augers, and cultivators are just some of the garden equipment produced in our factory. Titan products are carefully engineered for effectiveness and efficiency. Professionals and gardening enthusiasts alike choose Titan because they know that our products are going to get the job done right, every time.

    1. Wheeled trimmer mower is fit for the flat grass lands of the farming and stockbreeding areas, mountainous regions and hill areas. They are mainly used to mow the lawns, harvest the forage, manage the farmlands, mow the bushes and so on.
    1. TT-BV3405 handheld blower can clean the debris, clean the dust, blow snow and so on. The blowers can be fit for civil aviation, railway snow cleaning, road cleaning. The blowers can be carried on the back which can be more flexible than the traditional operation.
    1. TT-WMC520 gas powered cultivator has an extensive usage in the field of scarification and hoeing in greenhouse, vegetable and fruit garden, instead of traditional agricultural farming. The cultivator we provided suits for scarification of greenhouse, vegetation garden and etc. This cultivator is light in weight and small in shape and easy to operate.

Titan mainly manufacture outdoor power tools, manufacturing chainsaw, professional brush cutter, and grass trimmer and trimmer blade, hedge cutter and chain saw, because we can make gasoline engine, we also make gas engine powered water pumps, and with the engines generating other gas powered power tools like garden tools, drilling tool, and farmer tools, engine is power of power tools , all the power tools are equipped our good quality and high power gas engines. We are to accept custom made and make the outdoor power tools according to clients requirements.

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