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Manufacturing Equipment

Titan operates 2 production workshops. The first produces our gas powered chainsaws, while the other is used to manufacture the rest of our equipment, including brush cutters, earth augers, hedge trimmers, etc. There are 5 production lines and over 270 workers that include preloading personnel, production line workers, and debugging specialists. Titan utilizes over 10 sets of production and testing equipment, including 8 highly advanced low power testing equipment and 3 injection molding machines.

  • Negative pressure tester
    Function: Testing the inlet volume of the oil pot.

  • Deflection instrument
    Function: Testing the crankshaft beat.

  • Rockwell hardness tester
    Function: Testing the hardness of the mental such as iron and stainless steel

  • Airtight tester
    Function: Testing the sealing performance of the seals

  • Air gauge
    Function: Testing the diameter of the bores the gas cylinders

  • Micro hardness tester
    Function: Testing the hardness of the chromium layers

  • Dynamometer
    Function: Testing the machine performance including the power, the fuel consumption, the temperature and the torque.

  • Air compressor
    Function: supplying kinetic energy for the air tools (such as air gun)

  • Low emission online testing machine PPA
    Function: Testing the function of the over-lowed emission(EUII) standard machines

  • Injection molding machine
    Function: Producing plastic parts.

Production process
Material injection test - power assembly - rod assembly - debugging - packaging - complete

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