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Handheld Blower

The TT-BV3405 handheld blower easily cleans away dust, debris and snow from a variety of environments, ranging from a home driveway to a railway, or even a road and everything in between. With their lightweight design, users can wear them as a backpack blower, giving the blower a more flexible operation. These blowers can easily and quickly clean any area they are applied to.

Engine type: Single cylinder, air cooled, 2 strokes.
Engine model: 1E34F
Engine emissions: 25.4cc.
Carburetor type: Diaphragm type
Power parameter: 0.75KW/7500rpm
Fuel: mixed oil
Fuel ratio: 25:1
Air nozzle speed: 140mph
Air flow volume: 0.17m3/s
Fuel box volume: 400ml
Machine gross weight/net weight: 9.5/8.5kgs

Selectable parts
Intake tube

Regular packaging
Packing method: Overall packaging
Box size: 550x285x385mm
20ft container quantity: 450pcs/20GP
40ft container quantity: 1110pcs/40HQ

1. Speed: 7500kW/h
2. The handheld blower features a high power and efficiency, which ensures a more convenient operation.
3. The power of the blower is strong and the parts have high accuracy and durable quality. The blower is equipped with the stratified scavenging power structure which can help reduce the oil consumption.
4. The blower uses an energy saving motor that reduces pollutant emissions by up to 50%.
5. The silencer features an air vent that can reduce noise levels by 10dB, offering users a more comfortable operation experience.

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