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56.5cc 2600W Gas Powered Chainsaw

The TT-CS565 chainsaw is widely used in forest harvesting, rough-hewing, branch removal, lumber yard rough-hewing, railway sleeper sawing and other wood working and cutting applications.

Engine type: single cylinder, air cooled, two-stroke
Engine model: 1E46F-6
Displacement: 56.5cc
Rated power: 2.6kw/8500rpm
Guiding plate length: 20"
Chain pitch: 0.325
Carburetor: diaphragm type
Ignition: CDI
Fuel tank capacity: 530ml
Engine oil tank capacity: 310ml
Gross Weight/Net Weight: 9.0/8.0kg

Optional accessories
Guiding plate, chain

Regular packaging
Package: 1 box/1 chainsaw
Meas.: 505×255×290mm
Loading quantity: 791 pcs/20GP, 1862 pcs/40HQ

1. This chain saw is easy to start.
2. Each chain saw features a scavenger, combustor and ignition plug.
3. Due to the automatic chain oil lubrication system, the attrition rate of our chainsaw is low, meaning the chainsaw features an added durability.
4. With four springs in the engine and two in the oiler, our chainsaw features a great damping and wear resistant performance.
5. 30% lower temperature than traditional chainsaws.
6. Controllable operating speed.
7. Lateral chainsaw adjuster.
8. A new muffler type lowers the nose levels.
9. Visible fuel capacity through the window.
10. All-metal braking vane, sturdy and durable.
11. Distortion-free handle and dam-board.

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