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Gas Chainsaw

The chainsaws are widely in forest harvesting, rough-hewing, branch removal, lumber yard rough-hewing, railway sleeper sawing and other wood working and cutting applications.

1. The series of chainsaws feature a rebound prevention device on the chain to prevent rebounds of the chainsaw when coming into contact with a surface that cannot be cut.
2. The motor features a strong power and the cylinder wall has undergone a chrome treatment to prevent rust. These chainsaws have also been equipped with an improved crankshaft in order to extend the motor's service life.
3. The series of chainsaws are equipped with automatic chain lubrication system in order to reduce wear and tear on the chain, thus prolonging the service life.
4. These chainsaws are equipped with interchangeable tops for the gas tank.
5. The chainsaws are also equipped with air filters to filter out dust and other particles, thus preventing undue wear on the chainsaw. This filter is also easy to clean, maintain and exchange.
6. We also offer a number of chain saw boots for customers to choose from.

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