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JN series Gas Brush Cutter String Trimmer

The JN series trimmer utilizes both string and blades, depending on user choice, to clean and trim grass on lawns, shrubs and other areas where a close cut trim is needed for grass.

Engine type: Single cylinder, air cooled, 2 strokes.
Engine model: 1E43F-B
Engine emissions: 50.8cc.
Power parameter: 1.85kw/7500rpm
Carburetor: Diaphragm type
Ignition: CDI
Fuel volume: 850ml
Aluminum pipe: one-sectional shaft (two-sectional shaft can be selected)
Aluminum pipe diameter: Ø28mm
Machine gross weight/net weight: 15/9.8kgs

Selectable parts
Trimmer head, string trimmer blade, trimmer strap, paddy guard

Regular packaging
Packing method: 1 box / 1 string trimmer
Carton size: 1850 x 280 x 195/105mm
The quantity of 20 feet container: 280pcs/20GP
The quantity of 40 feet container: 650pcs/40HQ

1. The JN series gas blade brush cutter/string trimmer uses an environmentally friendly motor that features a low emission and low fuel consumption.
2. The shock mitigation system uses a suspended structure, which improves user comfort for machine operation.
3. This trimmer features a perfectly balanced performance, ensuring the equipment performs as intended in a variety of conditions.
4. Users can lock or adjust the handlebars without using additional tools, making it easier for users to use the trimmer in a variety of application environments.
5. The fuselage suspension structure can make it easy for the users to hang the machine on the wall to save space.
6. The unique air filter design can increase the air intake by 20%, which improves overall engine power. 7. This filter can be taken apart with no need for additional tools.
8. This gas powered trimmer uses a professional gear case design that features a 300 hour service life, and is equipped with a working head that is easy and fast to replace.
9. The string trimmer is equipped with improved grass boards and mower heads that feature a high wear resistance and improve the protection ability to keep users safe.
10. The adjustable ergonomic suspenders can improve operation comfort.
11. This gas powered blade trimmer is also equipped with quick disconnection devices, making it safer and more reliable than other trimmer types.

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