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50.8cc 2-Stroke Earth Auger

The XT-GD508 earth auger is a great choice for landscape engineering of garden seedlings, orchard planting, fertilization, trenching and excavation, fence construction, inter-tilling and more. It is also an ideal solution for different soil textures, such as slope, sandy, and hard soil.

Parameters of Earth Auger
Engine type: single cylinder, air-cooling, two-stroke
Engine model: 1E43-B
Displacement: 50.8cc
Rated power: 1.85kw/7500rpm
Carburetor: diaphragm type
Ignition: CDI
Auger bit diameter: 100/150/200
Auger bit length: 800mm
Fuel tank capacity: 900ml
Gross Weight/ Net Weight: 16.0/12.0kg

Optional accessories: auger bit

Regular Packing
Package: 1 box / 1 unit, overall package for 100/150/200 mm auger bits
Carton: 820×570×280mm
Loading quantity: 220 pcs/20GP, 503 pcs/40HQ

1. Equipped with double-vane auger bit, this earth auger has a stronger power and is more efficient than other earth auger types.
2. Unique and fuel efficient performance: the stratified scavenging system ensures the engine is more fuel efficient.
3. All auger bits are made from a high carbon steel, and have undergone a rust resistance plate processing on the surface, and each blade has undergone a heat treatment process for added protection.
4. Visible fuel capacity through the window.

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