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WP508-10B Gas Powered Water Pump

The XT-WP508-10Bwater pump is used for garden irrigation.

Parameters of Gas Powered Water Pump
Engine type: single cylinder, air-cooling, two-stroke
Engine model: 1E43F-B
Displacement: 50.8cc
Rated power: 1.56kw/7500rpm
Carburetor: diaphragm type
Ignition: CDI
Width of outlet:1.0"; 1.5"
Max suction: 8m
Max head: 25-30m; 30-35m
Max flow: 8m³/h; 15m³/h
Fuel tank capacity: 800ml
Gross Weight/Net Weight: 12.5/9.0kg

Optional accessories: filter

Regular Packing
Package: overall package
Carton: 385×300×370mm
Loading quantity: 684 pcs/20GP, 1595 pcs/40HQ

1. High performance: The high quality impeller ensures a long distance, high pump head water supply.
2. Long service life: The high mechanical sealing performance guarantees the water pump is more durable.
3. Low fuel-consumption: The stratified scavenging system reduces fuel consumption by 35%.
4. High efficiency: All damping springs that are internally installed are made of a high carbon steel, which gives the water pump a better wear resistance and vibration resistance.

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